We are experts in negotiating economic development, land and sea management, developing Reconciliation Action Plans and other strategic and planning documents important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their stakeholders.

Our team is renowned for our skills in facilitation, mediation and negotiation. Our purposeful style is open, warm and direct. 

A number of important principles underpin our approach to bringing people together to share ideas, resolve conflict and develop shared solutions.

Director Ken Markwell is a sought-after speaker at conferences and seminars.

Ken’s style is passionate, direct and inspiring. The combination of his cultural values, lived experience and professional credibility makes him an engaging and insightful speaker, whose aim is always to connect people and strengthen understanding.

What our clients say

  • I appreciated the thoughtful experience and generous, regular and clear communication between Markwell and Associates and the agency. I felt the consultants understood what I needed, that I knew what was going on and that I could have confidence in the process to get me the deliverables I needed in the timeframes I needed. I felt that the Traditional Owners were getting the same; plenty of information and engagement in designing the workshops, which was evidenced by their turn-out and engagement on the day. I also really appreciated the commitment to best practice and that I really trusted that Markwell and Associates understood and were committed to the project and the outcomes.Strategically, the greatest benefit was the deep and broad understanding of the issues that Markwell and Associates brought to the process, which value-added and provided expert guidance. Operationally, the workshops were organised smoothly, ran well and received excellent feedback from participants. Markwell and Associates got good attendance and excellent engagement of participants at each meeting, which can be difficult for consultants, which was a massive benefit to the project.
    Kerrie Jocumsen Manager Indigenous Partnerships team Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
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